Why Do So Many TV Shows Feature Teen Girls Hooking Up With Older Guys?

Why Do So Many TV Shows Feature Teen Girls Hooking Up With Older Guys?

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You’ve Got Yale!

They got engaged in season 7A, and eagle-eyed fans spotted actress Lucy Hale wearing what appears to be a wedding veil in a behind-the-scenes shot. It looks like Ezria is heading toward a happily-ever-after ending, but it’s worth remembering that they’ve been a problematic couple since the start. Their relationship represents a troubling trend on TV: hypersexualized teens dating fully-grown adults.

If you need a refresher, the show’s first episode features Aria 16 and Ezra 23 hooking up in a bar bathroom. Cut to the first day of school, when Aria shows up to English class and finds that Ezra is her teacher. It gets worse a few seasons later, when it’s revealed that Ezra knew how young Aria was from the start.

The Serena van der Woodsen Escort Service In talking with Nate, Juliet comes to realize that Colin is the Professor that Serena is dating.

Though once a sore spot with me as Nate Archibald cheated on me with Serena, Nate was a forerunner in the fight for her. They were cute for a while, but Serena always knew who her heart belonged to. Tripp Vanderbilt is a definite low life. He and Serena started their fling while she was working on his campaign. He refused to leave his wife for her, and when she decided that was not enough, she refused to stay.

On the way back from their getaway, they got into a car accident. Tripp fled the scene, leaving Serena injured.

Serena van der Woodsen

Call us on In the family except her best friend’s boyfriend, things. Nate’s slept with this is over nate is a main. He hated you will blow you could list of our past. Waldorf, and i was an absolute nightmare and lily hides the list is a coda set.

But what I will do is love-shame Serena van der Woodsen. who she first met while he was dating her good friend, Poppy Lifton. her most ill-advised relationship with her former boarding school teacher, freshly out of jail for.

You could start by eating like them. Vanessa brought Dan some apologetic perogies from Veselka after their fight at the masquerade ball. Nothing says, “I’m sorry for judging you for dating Serena” like fried dough filled with cheese Season 1 Episode 6. Serena’s crazy cousin, Charlie, also spotted Dan here after attempting to spy on him and Blair Season 4 Episode Remember when Serena was spotted drunk coming out of Barrio Chino on Thanksgiving with Blair and almost got hit by a taxi?

The name of this restaurant may change with the seasons, but so did the mystery girl, Elle, that Chuck and Carter Baizen were spotted fighting over at Park Avenue Winter Season 2 Episode Season 3 Episode 3. The Palace may have served grilled cheese with truffle oil, but it didn’t have these lobster rolls now did it, Bart? After deferring a year from Brown University and striking out at every job interview, Serena treated herself to lunch at Hundred Acres and was able to share her knowledge of restaurants’ backdoor exits with Endless Knights star Olivia Burke Hilary Duff.

The many love affairs of Serena Van Der Woodsen

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What poor choices would Serena van der Woodsen make next? And let’s not forget Dan Humphrey’s relationship with his teacher while he was than an Autobot from endearing to enraging as soon as they started dating.

See our picks list. Title: You’ve Got Yale! Serena, Blair, Dan, and the rest of the seniors try to find out who is worthy of an early admission to Yale. Serena discovers that she has been accepted, but concedes the acceptance to let Blair take the position because of what Blair will do as a result. Serena also connects with a young new Shakespeare teacher, Rachel Carr, who has no clue about what is going to happen when she gives Blair the first ‘B’ grade in her life, but Blair soon comes to learn that she may have met her match against this latest addition to her school.

Meanwhile, Chuck reluctantly joins forces with Lily in his war against his manipulative Uncle Jack over controlling Bass Industries.

Serena’s Escapades

When you’re Serena van der Woodsen, you get guys. It’s just what you do. Throughout ‘Gossip Girl,’ Serena had her share of great boyfriends, and some really sucky ones. While watching the show, we often wonder, “S, WTF?! We guess. Here’s a definitive list of every guy Serena dated and what happened in their relationship.

Colin Forrester is a charismatic billionaire guest professor at Columbia University who briefly dated Serena van der Woodsen. He is portrayed.

Blake — who is expecting her first child with husband Ryan Reynolds — will likely fare even better. Thankfully, we can all rest almost definitely, like That is not good parenting! Yes, disciplining your child is important, but there is probably a better way to do so than arranging her first mug shot. Dorota probably never even got a bonus for it. While Serena is in boarding school, she develops a relationship with her teacher, Ben Donovan. Regardless, when Lily finds out, instead of learning the facts, she accuses Ben of transporting a minor across state lines and statutory rape and gets him sent to jail.

That is just the tip of this iceberg: Howard also embezzles a bunch of money and, when caught, flees the country, sending his family into financial ruin. Oh and also The FBI figures it out before Howard can execute his plan, but even planning to hold your kids hostage in the first place is not in Bringing Up Baby. Or hire people to kill other people.

Every Guy Serena van der Woodsen Dated in ‘Gossip Girl’

After all, flawed characters are the best kind. So, here it is: the definitive ranking of the horrible but lovable Gossip Girl characters. He started out as Lonely Boy: the outcast kid from Brooklyn, in love with a girl who he thought would never notice him, desperately wanting to fit in. She had a brief period of normalcy when she dated Nate, but she usually had a serious chip on her shoulder when it came to the Upper East Siders. The poor, unsuspecting kids from Brooklyn did not fare well on this show.

Jaimie Etkin argues its central storyline about a student-teacher More recently, blonde bombshell Serena van der Woodsen’s (Blake Lively) alleged will discover in Season 2 they can date—“They actually went and figured.

Account name: Password OpenID? Forgot it? Remember Me. Originally posted at my book blog, so please excuse the basic explanations of what the show is about! The quote is from F. Russell, after a chance encounter with his assistant who was reading the book on the beach.

Colin Forrester

The character of Serena van der Woodsen was played by the beautiful and talented Blake Lively. Throughout the course of Gossip Girl , Serena van der Woodsen dated plenty of guys but ultimately, she ended up with the person who was right for her. In other words, she had to kiss a lot of frogs before she was able to find her prince!

The funny thing is, she found her prince earlier on in the show but still dated around before coming to that realization.

Definitive proof that Serena van der Woodsen was the worst whoever she happened to be dating, whether it was Nate/Dan/a new professor/a.

The annual Thanksgiving episode which is strangely missing from season 5 is Gossip Girl in its most Shakespearean form, a comedy of errors built around more dramatic irony than your English teacher could ever hope to explain to you. But when your own Thanksgiving environment gets a little too uncomfortable to bear, grab a leftover turkey environment and slip into glamorous Upper East Side life. Though the best way to celebrate is by watching all five, sure to leave you as bloated on gossip as you are from turkey.

Lily and Bart are also trying to fly to the beach to get away from Chuck. Lily is pissed at Serena, Blair is pissed at Serena, Dan is pissed at Serena — but Serena herself is nowhere to be found, until she wakes up in a random bedroom, clearly drugged, and calls But on the Upper East Side, the holiday thankfully returns to its roots : lying, manipulation, and betrayal. And from what we hear, just like the Indians, someone else is being pushed out of their home.

This irreverent retelling of the brutal and horrifying real history of Thanksgiving may not be the most relevant to the ritzy, comfortable lives of the Upper East Side — though we appreciate the acknowledgement of what really happened to Native Americans during the romanticized U. But how could the holiday not be dramatic? The episode, while admittedly very exciting, ultimately involves a lot of characters who are kind of irrelevant on the whole seriously, Aaron, please go away — though any scene with Wallace Shawn and Leighton Meester is a scene worth watching.

Jenny confronts Eric, who insults her sweet potatoes. By the end of the song, cinematic history has been made, hearts have been broken, and nothing will ever be the same.

Gossip Girl (3×01) – Serena and Carter kiss in the forest (HD)

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